Oleskandr Ponomar, first Ukrainian boy to win the trophy


Oleksandr Ponomar has become the first Ukrainian boy in the tournament’s history to lift the trophy.

He has the particularity to be perfectly ambidextrous. He is left-handed but tried to play with the right hand a few years ago. He finally decided to keep playing with the left hand, apparently with good success.

He won in final against Jannis Simmen (SUI) who suffered a little injury in the back (6/4, 6/1). To reach the last round, he had to beat Charlie Camus (AUS) (6/2, 6/1), Fadi Bidan (LIB) (3/6, 6/4, 6/4), Gur Trakhtenberg (ISR) (6/1, 5/7, 6/1), Federico Cina (ITA) (6/2, 6/0), and Atakan Karahan (TUR) (7/6, 7/5).

#3 in the U14 Tennis Europe ranking, the Ukrainian confirms his good beginning of season after his quarterfinal in the first Super Category of the season in Russia.