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Les Petits As – Le Mondial Lacoste offers you the possibility to do your Check-in online for your accomodations during the competition. Please fill out our booking form:

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Accomodation

The accommodation is provided by the tournament for the official captain and players

Booking is mandatory on the website of Les Petits As before January 16th 2024.
Any other way will not be supported by the tournament.

– Only one (1) accompanying (parent or coach) will be accommodated in a partner hotel.
– The accommodation service chooses the hotels where the players will stay. 

  • Players engaged in the Qualifications will be hosted and supported from Friday January 19th 2024 until the day after their elimination.
  • Players engaged in the Main Draw will be hosted and supported from Sunday January 21th 2024 until the day after their elimination.
  • Only the official captain of the federation/nation (with at least 1 Main Draw player) will be hosted and supported such as the players (with the credential letter of his federation).

Before these dates and after the elimination, all the reservations will cost (prices below):

Fees of the paid reservations

Unaccredited coach and accompanyings (price per night):

  • Room for 1 person – from €62 to €80 (breakfast included)
  • Room for 2 persons (two beds) – from €70 to €104 (two breakfasts included)

Coach should not share the room with the player(s).
Two same-sex players can share a room (2 beds).
A parent (father or mother) can share a room with the player but should pay half of the price.

Arrival and Departure

An official e-mail from the tournament will inform you about your hotel 48h before your arrival.
For any arrival after 21:00, you should contact the hotel. [email protected].
You should leave the room before 12:00, if not, you should pay an extra day.
In case of emergency, please contact [email protected].

Cancellation conditions

A cancellation email should be send to [email protected] at least 72 hours before the check-in date. If the delay is not respected, you should pay the room.

All our hotels are providing WIFI.